The filming of Stage Four: A Love Story necessarily required the willing participation of the main characters, Mary Jo and George, as well as their friends and family. With gratitude and in the spirit of their trust in the director, we now invite others to partner with us for the completion and distribution of the film.

Now in the advanced stages of post-production, we are raising funds for professional sound mixing, color correction, music licensing, legal fees as well as for other costs of final production and distribution. We hope to premier the film in Fall, 2014 with festival and theatrical circulation to follow.

If you are interested in supporting our goals, we welcome your participation as a partner. Current partners are listed below, as well as suggestions for different ways to become a partner. Thanks to our partnership with Docs in Progress, all financial contributions are tax deductible. Please Donate or Contact Us for more information.

Dance partners, George and Mary Jo, circa 1963. 

Dance partners, George and Mary Jo, circa 1963. 

Partnership Opportunities

Dance with us!

We need: 

  • Organizational dance partners--for endorsements, networking opportunities, social media promotion, contributions, members screenings and more! We will work with your organization and your members to mutually benefit shared goals of cancer care, family support, hospice awareness and an uplifting approach to life.
  • Individual  dance partners-- for enthusiasm, word-of-mouth advertising, social media chatter, and LOVE! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Tell your friends, family and pets! Your pennies help too, in large or small amounts. It's tax deductible! Click here to Donate.

Docs In Progress, Fiscal Sponsor

Docs in Progress creates and fosters a supportive community for documentary filmmakers. By developing, encouraging, and celebrating new and diverse voices in documentary film, we also seek to deepen the public’s experience, understanding, and appreciation for documentary as a form of art and expression. We do this by offering an array of programs aimed at inspiring and experienced documentary filmmakers and the broader community.

Docs in Progress offers work-in-progress screenings, training classes, professional development workshops, private consultations, online resources and a blog. We help experienced and emerging documentary filmmakers make better films by giving them the tools to foster and improve their skills at all stages of the filmmaking process. Whether you need help turning an idea into a proposal, a proposal into funding, raw footage into a cohesive story, or a rough cut into a masterpiece, Docs in Progress can help. 

Docs in Progress is the fiscal sponsor of Stage Four: A Love Story. Because Docs in Progress is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your donations to the film are tax deductible.